Your mans bag

Not the one that’s created the baby, he’ll need his own hospital bag. Make your birthing partner pack their own bag so you can blame them if they forget something. You don’t have to panic so much if you have a woman as your birthing partner as they carry everything in their handbag anyway. Spare … More Your mans bag

Hospital bag

Everyone told me to pack my bag early so it was done but I never. I started and never got around to finishing it until I was in labour but I still forgot a few bits. Birthing plan and your hospital notes (keep them near your suitcase incase someone else picks your bags up on … More Hospital bag

Night feeds

With any tiny little human comes the night feeds. I used to sleep over 12 hours and nap given the chance before falling pregnant (lazy I know!) But now I’m lucky to get 4 hours together (I’ve got the walking zombie look nailed). The first few weeks were the hardest purely as Archie fed every … More Night feeds